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My wife and I were looking for a holiday destination to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Oh Boy, what a wonderful experience we have had. The services and promises are fool-proof and accurate. The best anniversary we have had. Coming back next year!

Kian Clark

Traveling to a new place is alsways a great experience. This is especially true when you have some great company and more when all your travel time is planned and scheduled to give you the optimum pleasure. That is exactly what Cyprus Retreat offers - a pure holiday experience with minimal effort. Thank you, guys!

Courtney Singh

Life is about a celebration and I really got a feel of it when I contacted Cyprus Retreat for a family vacation. The expeirence was more than memorable. I had the best deal for a budget friendly holiday. It left my family happy and gave me peace of mind too as I didn’t have to burn a hole in my pocket. Thank you for making my last vacation a lifetime memory! 

5 fun things to do in Parma

Located on the North of Italy, Parma is an old city with centuries worth of history, culture and architecture. Due to its proximity with boundering countries it is a perfect choice for a trip through Europe. You can spare a couple days and spend some time in Northern Italy, getting in contact with its characteristic culture and its charming inhabitants. Italy is a welcoming land with great cuisine and eating culture, breathtaking scenes and a history that spans for longer than the Christian era. Parma in particular is a great option for you because it is a small but very tourist friendly city that gathers the best of Northern Italy while still keeping a small town feel that visitors will enjoy day and night.

If you want to visit Parma, then here are some of the best things you can add to your vacation plans. From gastronomic experiences to visiting the most impressive and beautiful pieces of architecture and art the country has to offer, you can be sure you will leave Parma quite unwillingly, and full of great memories to share and cherish.

1. Bike rides

Parma is a very bike friendly city. Even more, some of the most beautiful and touristic parts of the citty are closed to traffic, so you can only access there by bicycle or walking. You can spend the morning or the afternoon cycling around the many places and landscapes Parma has to offer. If you don't have a bike, then you can rent one, as well as full protective equipment, and book a bike experience in Parma

There are also bicycle trails that you can follow out of the city and into the countryside. Remember to check the pathway by the river that connects the city with the fields, you shouldn't miss it!

2. Cheese tours

Whou could go to Parma without checking out its cheese industry? Parma is the home of the Parmesan cheese, which has become world famous due to its characteristic flavour and great texture. There are many tours in Parma where you can visit farms and see the whole process, from the animals that give us the milk to the final product that is offered for sale. Many farms will allow you to try the different varieties of cheese that they produce, so you can take this opportunity to experience the true flavour, smell and texture of authentic Parmesan cheese.

As a bonus, sometimes you can spend the night at the facilities and book a farm accommodation and cheese tour that will allow you to live the full experience. Shop around and find the best opportunities to try some Parmesan cheese!

3.  Pasta making class

Who could go to Italy and not even try one of their most famous dishes? Parma is a great place to try some pasta with Parmesan cheese, and find out about all the different varieties and preparations of pasta there are. But why stop there? Why not take home the flavours and techniques if Italian pasta? And by this we don't mean that you stock up on pasta bags at the supermarket, but instead, why not learn how to make pasta yourself, with a real Italian cook?

Book a Pasta Making class and have fun making a variety of pasta dishes. Then you can enjoy the results of your cooking class with your classmates and/or your teacher, and later, you'll come back home and share your cooking knowledge with your friends and family.

4. Palazzo della Pillotta

The Palazzo della Pillotta is at the historic centre of Parma, and gathers many cultural attractions that you cannot miss if you are visiting the city. Once home of the Dukes, now it is open to the public and offers various exhibitions and samples of old architecture that still to this day shines with its unique character. Among the places you can visit within the palazzo are the Farnese Theatre, the National Gallery of Parma with plenty of art pieces from differenet eras, the National Archaeological Museum and the Biblioteca Palatina, the palace library.

The palazzo is located facing a big park where you can spend a nice afternoon surounded by local culture.

5. The Cathedral of Parma

The Catherdal of Parma, locally known as La Cattedrale di Parma, is a breathtaking bulding located within a complex of many structures that are at the core of the local religious history. There are guided tours that you can join, where you will see not only the Romanic inspired cathedral and all its art pieces, but also the Battistero or baptistery, the Palazzo Vescoville and the diocesan museum which displays a collection of religious and historic art pieces.